Success Story of SALEEMA BiBi
An old widow, approximately 70 years of age had been working as maid (cleaning women) in the houses of land lords since 40 years. She has four daughters and... 
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 Success Story of Wali Khan
Wali Khan has three children and a wife to support. He had been working on daily wages to learn his living.....
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 Success Story of Gulzara
Gulzara, W/o Nasrullah a shoe mender (mochi) who usually sits at Taru Stop for mending shoe of people. A very poor family of six kids, four sons & two.....
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Benazir Income Support Program

Government of Pakistan had initiated the Benazir Income support Program (BISP), as the main social safety net program to cushion the direct consequence of inflation on the people lives up below scarcity line. World bank/Government of Pakistan's Poverty Score card (PSC) household survey mechanism has been adopted for poverty scoring, through this mechanism the extremely poor households would be indentified in a given locality and the Government would provide them with grants.

To confront the poverty challanges both agencies and provincial level, this social security program has been assist by the kurram welfare home in broader society ugradingg context.

Main Objectives of the Program

To target the most deprived regions across the country falling under both rural and urban areas for scarcity alleviations.

To intensify scarcity levels in different papules classes of the target regions to do response in the said compulsion.

To prioritize scarcity concerns in planning measures, which lead generation toward misdeed through progress addressing based appoach at coutry level.

To ensure assistance to the overall program through sub-project (component) intend to set-up the economic status particularly agencies community level by initial allocation of the resources.

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