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Quetta Baluchistan

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Kurram welfare Home with the support of Voluntary Service Overseas VSO /UK.aid has implemented a project titile “Back to School “in district Quetta Baluchistan.

Sector: Education

Education in Pakistan has the second largest number of out-of-school children after Nigeria. Still, more than 50 percent of children are not going to school. Kurram welfare Home launched a project called Back to School in 2021. So far, the institution has enrolled more than 10,000 children in schools, including children from poor, orphaned, and backward areas. A thousand Afghan refugee girls have also been admitted to schools. The institution is bearing the expenses of all these children.


Efforts are needed to provide better living facilities to the people, to provide them clean drinking water and to provide them better education. In this regard more and more, educational institutions should be set up in the rural areas especially in Baluchistan and KPK other parts of the country. KWH is playing its vital role in promotion of education by providing assistance in schools construction, maintenance and supply of educational materials. KWH took measures to improve the efficiency of primary education, including multi-grade teaching, double-shift teaching, and incentives for teachers in hard-to reach areas. The gender gap in most levels of primary education has been eliminated with efforts. Absenteeism and dropout rates of girls are frequently associated with inadequate hygiene and sanitary facilities at schools which has been tremendously reduced due to efforts made by KWH in Kurram. Quality of education was also a major challenge which has been improved by teacher training, implementing the use of mother tongue in lower grades, and increasing the relevance of the curriculum. Access was improved by the continued provision of schools and classroom facilities, training teachers in social education, and provision of basic education in emergency situations. Secondary education has expanded because of the liberalization of private sector participation. However, access to secondary education remains very unequal. KWH is therefore seeking to improve the targeting of secondary education.

Every Home Class Room Campaigns

All the educational institutions were closed due to the lockdown during the coronavirus. Due to this children’s education was affected. At that time, the Kurram welfare Home started the “Every Home Classroom” Campaign, i.e. the aim was to provide a school environment in every home. Kurram welfare Home also provided whiteboards, stationery and corona protection kits, due to which the education of the children continued in a very good manner. More than 300000 children benefited from this program.
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