Qasim Kaley

Gulzara, W/o Nasrullah a shoe mender (Mochi) who usually sits at Taru Stop for mending shoes of people. A very poor family of six kids, four sons and two daughters. Two o of them are studying since they cannot afford their schooling. All of them are small kids, hence a liability on Nasrullah's shoulder. when the flood came, it swamped their whole village, taking away their small home. Gulzara says: "We are very poor, our house was swiped away by the flood. We were living in tents in worse condition."
Thank you PANAHGA for building a house for us, it’s better than our own ones, We are very happy and pray for donors, for helping us. The team members of KWH are very friendly, they treated us like a family. they did not let us feel lonely and deprived. God bless them all!

Chowki Town

An old widow, approximately 70 years of age had been working as a maid (cleaning women) in the houses of landlords since 40 years. She has four daughters and one son. Two daughters are married. Her only son has also a marriebutbu he is mentally disabled and he is married. His son has four children. In this way, she's supporting not only her daughters but also his mentally-disabled son and his kids. According to "SALEEM BiBi" 40 years have passed and I have worked in the houses of people. I clean their house, wash their clothes and earn my living to look for my children and grandchildren. Flood took away our small shelter, leaving us helpless " DERA MEHRABANI" (Thankyou in Pushto language) to PANAHGA for supporting us as I am all on my own. Whenever I pray, I pray for KWH’s success. While saying this she had tears in her eyes!!

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