KWH has multi-year of working experience with different national and international donors and capacity in education, health, livelihood, DRR, DRM programme implementation, humanitarian/relief operations, development and almost possessing 15 years’ experience in projects implementation, managing humanitarian operations. Furthermore, kwh has strong field presence and success of timely receiving project NOCs for donor-funded projects. KWH has Strong consultation and coordination with relevant line government departments, relevant stakeholders and community organizations. KWH has technical expertise in need assessments, project implementation, reporting and data base management and having strong demonstrated systems for data collection, protection and sharing. KWH have qualified professional personnel and sound organizational structures with gender balance, including an elected Board of Governors. Strong capacities and expertise for targeting beneficiaries at the community level and possess a transparent institutional framework including a proper administrative, accounting and record keeping system. KWH is in the field since 2009 and has completed 85 projects funded by different donors and UN agencies including UN-WFP, UNHCR. The organization has rich experience in delivering 30 education projects and achieved its desired objectives.  KWH has provided livelihood opportunities for more than 30000 individuals, both men, and women.

WORKING EXPERIENCE WITH UNITED NATION AGENCIES /INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS AND DONORS: Kurram welfare Home implemented 02 projects with UN-WFP in KP, newly merged districts and 02 projects with UNHCR. KWH has worked British Council, TDEA,and other International Organizations & donors including SDC, GIZ, ECHO, CARE International, IRC, ACTED, CONCERN World Wide, DKH German, Inter Cooperation, Ed-Links (USAID), NRSP (USAID) and, PPAF, VSO, Muslim Aid-USA, etc.

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