Strengthening Government Health System and Providing Immediate Emergency Response to curtail outbreak of COVID-19 in District Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Thematic Area

Health/WASH/Emergency response

Donor Agency

European Union Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid ECHO/CIP

Project Locations

District Peshawar

Project Description

Kurram welfare home with support of CIP and European union civil protection and humanitarian aid ECHO implemented eight months project to support and strengthen the government health system and provide emergency response to the vulnerable communities of district Peshawar.

Target Beneficiaries Covered benefited: 05 Million

Sectors: Health /Wash /Emergency

Project Objectives

Tentative list of DHQs/THQs in Peshawar

Support provided to the following hospital during pandemics by Kurram welfare Home through ECHO funded Projects

Major Activities

1) Rehabilitation of Wash facilities and quarantine centers in selected government hospitals

2) Provision of health packages, PPE kits and portable hand-washing stations in the selected government hospitals

3) Conduction of Training to 10 Men & 10 Women in 2 Tehsils of Peshawar (10 in each Tehsil) on home production of dry and liquid soaps and Hand Sanitizers


After successful implementation and completion of the project activities by Kurram welfare Home project staff with close coordination of CIP staff, Mr. Muhammad Kamran CEO Kurram welfare Home has visited the site, health facilities and ensured the quality work done by KWH staff during COVID-19.

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