Multi-Sectoral Human Development initiative (MSHDI)

Thematic Area

Education/livelihood/Youth empowerment

Donor Agency

UK.aid/VSO 2020-2021

Project Locations

District Peshawar, KPK

Project Description

All activities under Inclusive Education were planned prior to the implementation of the activities. The planning phase had to go through various changes on ground as initially, training of teachers and PTCs were planned with government department of Education, KP. However, after a sequence of meetings with Government Education Department, KP, it was concluded that the process of signing an MoU with E&SE KP, so in coordination with VSO, a mutual decision was Taken in the interest of time to conduct training to private schools.
The plan B of training teachers from private schools had the biggest challenge of identifying PTCs for the next activity of Inclusive Education. Since, the private schools do not have PTC members, thus after careful consideration it was decided to train mothers from the communities who could make a diverse group and could play a significant role in social cohesion, peace-building and inter-faith harmony.
The training of teachers from private schools seemed to be a wise decision as the teachers and the learners both had the rich experience of learning, which otherwise is not given or offered to them by any organization. Having surveyed and proven by research most NGOs prefer to work with Government schools in the interest of their partnership with the government, due to such cases, opportunities of training in soft skills are mostly given to teachers/staff or learners from government schools. Such decisions have diversely impacted the performance of teachers from low-cost private schools and have deprived them from learning opportunities.
KWH in collaboration with VSO delivered training to 25 teachers from low-cost private schools and trained 25 mothers from the economically disadvantaged community. Additionally, material dissemination event for Covid-19 preventive material was distributed to Government school teachers.
Back to school, Radio campaign, an integral part of Inclusive Education activities was carried out in district Peshawar for which a consultant was hired. Radio spots were broadcasted on Covid preventive measures and importance of following SoPs on 2 different radio channels in district Peshawar. Live storytelling sessions and programs on importance of Education, SoPs and teachers and PTCs roles in school enrolment were also broadcasted for better outcomes.

Teachers’ Training on School re-opening Preventive Measures

As schools reopen, it’s important that precautions are taken both inside and outside the classroom to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It includes awareness about social distancing, hand-washing techniques, cleaning and disinfecting tips for classroom, psychosocial support to children, motivation for re-joining schools; all these important school re=opening measures are to be disseminated to children through teachers. In this regard, teachers training on school re-opening campaigns is of utmost importance.
Team KP organized training for teachers as a part of the Multisectoral Human Development Initiative taken by VSO international to improve access to education and health during these trying times of Covid-19. This training was mainly targeted at making access to education easier for children studying in the public sector or low-cost schools. To ensure the children continue their education, understand health hazards and SoP’s of Covid-19 prevention, the school teachers were trained for three days on all the important components of Covid-19 preventive measures. The training also encompassed psychosocial support for teachers and students. A group of 25 teachers from different low-cost school were trained on the objectives below.

Mothers’ Training

It is no co-incidence that a child gravitates towards the mother, the strongest and the most special bond with her child for she not only brings a child into this world, she is also a complete institution for the child. From raising a child to inculcating morals and values into them, to playing a crucial role in their future development; a mother makes a tremendous contribution in her child’s life.

This training was a part of the Multisectoral Human Development Initiative taken by VSO international to improve access to education and health during the time of Covid-19. The training targeted reaching out to mothers who had been through tough times during the pandemic and had barely taken out time for themselves from the daily tight duties of their families. This training was mainly focused on psychosocial support to mothers and their children. It also emphasized that mothers must stay motivated to send their children back to school and ensure the children continue their education. Health hazards and SoP’s of Covid-19 were introduced along with the First Aid techniques to mothers during training to capable them to help their children during health emergencies. A group of 25 mothers from different communities were trained on the objectives below.

Storytelling Sessions in Schools

10 story-telling sessions were conducted by those teachers who received training from Lead Trainer in 3 days Training session organized by KWH and VSO. The teachers were trained in story telling techniques through verbal and facial expressions. Those teachers were also trained to share stories with children for their moral and character building. The training was effective in accomplishing the task of sharing stories. The teachers cascaded 30 minutes storytelling sessions in different low-cost schools to keep the impact of the training going in their schools with a mission to inculcate high moral values in children based on acceptance of diversity and inclusion of all groups irrespective of gender, religion or socio-economic status.

Storytelling Sessions in Communities

This training was a part of the Multisectoral Human Development Initiative taken by VSO international to improve access to education and health during these trying times, through the power of engaging 20 mothers in storytelling sessions for children from their communities. The mothers had to collect 10-15 children from their community at a place for a storytelling session. Each mother shared a story with her participants; the group of participants were diverse as it included differently abled children from their neighborhood, children from minorities and other marginalized sections of the society. The group of children also included children from economically disadvantaged families including those children who have never been to schools and are engaged in child labour. It also included children who are engaged in begging and had never experienced sessions like that.

KWH provided a new experience for mothers from economically disadvantaged families and the children in their community. During the monitoring visits, mothers and children shared that they should be engaged in future alike opportunities. They were thankful to KWH and VSO for a unique experience of learning and personal development.

Material Dissemination Event

The event was chaired by District Education Officer (Female DO) who spoke to the participants about the importance of following SoPs after schools reopening, reassuring that SoPs are well understood by the head teachers and well defined by them to students. She also took the opportunity to thank VSO and KWH for distributing material for government schools.

After her speech, material was distributed among the participants ensuring each head teacher receives 300 Masks, 20 sanitizers and 20 posters for their schools.

Male District Education Officer also joined the event and delivered a speech on importance of following Covid-19 preventive SoPs in schools. Mr. Muhammad Kamran CEO KWH presented material to both male and female head teachers.

The immediate result is that head teachers collected material for their schools and it will help in prevention of Covid-19.

Back to School –Radio Campaign: Enrollment

The objective of radio campaign was aimed to ‘Back to School Campaign-Build Back Better’ related. The Back to School Campaign-Build Back Better campaign produced and telecasted stories, awareness programs and radio spots for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The campaign on-aired for more than a week from mid of September, 2020 to October 02, 2020 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Campaign was composed of following components:

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